about caffeineNATION

Have you ever approached a giant project, maybe with a deadline approaching at a pace that makes Usain Bolt look sluggish, or one that requires so many all-nighters you might as well just become nocturnal for the rest of your natural life, and had the first thought of "...I'm gonna need another cup of coffee"? Have you every peered into a gigantic mess and simply reached for your mug? Have you ever woken up and realised that today isn't even going to Happen unless it involves the smile of your favorite barista and several refills?

Then you're already part of the the nation. Hi, new friend!

caffeineNATION is a webclique for those whose lives are fuelled by coffee. Or, perhaps less dramatically, have a favourite caffeinated beverage that makes them happy. Flat white? Flat why not, more like. Cappuccino? CappucciYES. Latte? Latte me at it, amirite?

(Okay, okay, I'm stopping, I promise.)

If you have a drink that you regularly consume (or rarely consume, but are in heaven when you do) that contains the world's greatest bean, come and claim it and let everyone on the internets know. Join the might nation. Hear our battle cry: "free refills WHERE?!"