Follow them, or be cursed to always run out of freeze-dried instant at the worst possible moment. Yeah, I said it.

1. You have to have a webpage of some kind on which you can put the code. (Social networking pages such as Twitter, Mastodon instances, MySpace/SpaceHey, and Facebook are not counted as personal webpages in this respect.)

2. Please put the code up before you join -- this makes things easier for everyone. If the code isn't on your page when you join, you won't be listed.

3. You can ONLY put the code on your index page or splash/landing page. You may put it on a dedicated cliques/webrings/joined page ONLY if this is immediately accessible from either of the former and labelled as such (not something off-topic that one would click on expecting something else, like "potatoes" or "graphics" or "random"). NO EXCEPTIONS. Putting it on any other page (about me, links, anything else) is not acceptable and your application will be deleted. The link is meant to be seen -- that's the whole purpose of being part of a webclique. TL;DR: if you don't link the clique properly, the clique is not going to link to you.

4. As long as you are listed on the members' page, please do the right thing and keep the code up. There will be monthly checks, and those who no longer display the code will be removed from the members' list, as the only conclusion I can draw from a lack of code is that you no longer wish to be part of the clique. You can rejoin at any time when you have the code back up!

5. In the section of the form where it asks "Cafe latte or Americano?", type Americano -- this will show that you've actually read the rules. Sorry, I know this is annoying, but it's sadly necessary (and also helps cut down on spam submissions).

6. Your chosen beverage needs to be coffee-based, or at least be caffeinated. So green tea, obviously, will not count. Energy drinks containing caffeine and high-caffeine teas will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Decaf coffee will be accepted, on account of it still being coffee. (Barely. ;P)

7. You may claim the same type of coffee drink as someone else.

8. Troll sites, sites featuring guro/gore, Naziism, and/or pro-ana content will be allowed to join, period. (Neo-)Nazis and white supremacists will automatically have their applications deleted. Not sorry.